Addiction Counselling Therapy


In the recovery from addiction, there are a good number of features which are needed to make the addiction process a success. Some addicts usually think that after the detoxification stage, there is no work to be done. Basically, detoxification removes the toxic substances from the body and ensures that the body is ready for rehab.

However, for some addicts, after detoxification, they skip the remaining stages. For this category of people, there is a high tendency for them to relapse. The place of a counsellor is very important in addiction recovery, as it is where the real work occurs.

Below are the benefits of a counsellor in addiction recovery:

  1. Motivation Boost: The right source of motivation to make headways in addiction recovery, is the counsellor. The counsellor basically takes up the role of a coach and a collaborative partner, motivating you to find your personal source of motivation. A counsellor motivates you to overcome the fear which prevents you from coming out clean.


  1. Altering self-defeating behaviours: Being addicted means you are almost totally out of control, as a good number of aspects of your life would have been affected. With the counsellor, you will learn new ways on how to spot those behaviours, thoughts and habits which are associated with your addiction.


  1. Avoiding a relapse: It is common for someone in recovery to be faced with the threat of relapse. However, with a counsellor in the recovery process, you will be aided in identifying the triggers and warning signs of a relapse. Also, you will be taught how to develop coping strategies which will effectively handle strong emotions and stress.


  1. Forming stronger relationships: Relationships usually take a downturn during addiction, and the only person who can help in mending the relationship, is a counsellor. There are essential benefits which are inherent in a relationship, and the counsellor will be in place to identify them.


Addicts in recovery are advised that they should not sideline the place of a counsellor in addiction recovery, as they come with lots of advantages.

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